- Cheyenne Gets An Enema
Cheyenne Gets An Enema
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Categories: anal | enema | medical
Originally Added on October 01, 2012
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Now placed on all-fours on a low leather bench by her supervisor, Miss Honeywell waits with nervous anxiety for Miss Underwood to divide her cane-striped bottom cheeks and place the long, white, perforated nozzle between them, pushing it into Miss Honeywell’s bottom as far as it will go and then allowing the shame-faced offender to get used to the feel of it before beginning the flow of warm water into Miss Honeywell’s bowels. Miss Honeywell’s nude form, with its slim curves and satiny skin texture appears exquisitely erotic in the submissive position and receiving the enema in humility and obedience to her superior’s will. Miss Underwood appears to take pleasure in lecturing and scolding her erring employee while squeezing the clamp every so often to allow Miss Honeywell receive the whole bag in a controlled manner. Miss Honeywell’s flat stomach becomes a little rounder as the bag is emptied. Groaning with the feeling of fullness and all of the discomfort that comes with retaining so much water, Miss Honeywell assures her boss that she has learned a lesson that day and will never disappoint Miss Underwood again.
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