Brit Brat


When an English brat gets on the wrong side of her American dad, there’s a damned good spanking in her future. Not to mention the strapping, switching and caning! Starring Alisha Williams and Keith Jones Half the year, Alisha lives with her strict mom in the UK, but during the other half, she lives with her dad, stateside. Now prepping for her college exams, the pretty blonde discovers that her American father is just as exacting as her mom when it comes to obeying his house rules. When Alisha makes the grave mistake of staying out all night at her friends’ house and then compounding her bad behavior by lying, Keith doesn’t think twice about putting his naughty daughter over his knee and giving Alisha the spanking of her life. But he doesn’t stop there by any means. Across two dramatic scenes, Keith spanks, straps, switches and finally, sternly canes his careless brat, until the tears come into her eyes and she begins to sob. Filled with hard over the knee spanking and severe bend over corporal punishment, Brit Brat delivers that truly realistic daddy-daughter discipline scene Shadow Lane fans have been begging for these many years.

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