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About Addie Juniper

Biography:Porn star, girl next door, fetish princess, spanking switch, bondager, strict top lady, Addie Juniper is channeling feminine realness from every conceivable angle. A natural beauty with no ink and no breast augmentation, this creamy skinned brunette personifies beauty's classical ideal, in the manner of a Renoir nude, gracefully proportioned yet lushly upholstered, in short, the kind of lady that men prefer to spank. But what makes her even more interesting to the connoisseur is her cleverness and wit; because spankers want spankees who are fun and challenging. This bold and adventurous fetish model has a hundred different looks, from proper librarian to glamorously sleek, pvc clad mistress, and the intelligence to carry them all off to perfection. Shadow Lane was happy to shoot Addie for the first time as a spankee, paired with her real life sweetheart, Kevin Wang. Their bedroom discipline video included the kind of warmth you want to see in a couple's video, with that all too rare variation, hugging and kissing. It also featured free spirited Addie receiving satisfying oral sex from her lover!
Country of Origin:United States
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown

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