Dani Hunt @ shadowlane.com

About Dani Hunt

Biography:Dani Hunt, a voluptuous cocoa-skinned beauty from the U.K. is the exotic offspring of a Caribbean dad and an Isreali mum. British bred Dani is a University girl and lifelong spanking enthusiast whose primary orientation is as a spankee, but who also loves playing as a switch. Because of her cute English accent and mischievous personality, Dani is often called upon to play the role of naughty upper form girl in spanking video productions and is seen in a plaid school skirt and knee socks as often as not when bending over for the cane or going over a lap for a classic correction. Dani co-stars with Sybil Hawthorne and Shadow Lane spanker Butch Simms in Last Spankings of The School Year (SLV-173), where she plays an inattentive student who makes her teacher mad enough to apply corporal punishment to her ample seat. Dani has a high pain tolerance and is rather stoic even in the face of severe punishments. She tends to laugh and giggle in embarrassment rather than squeal and sob, but that doesn
Country of Origin:Belize
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black

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