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21 year old Violet October, at 5'1" and a dainty size zero, looks like Gaga's naughty little sister. She's a lifestyle spanking enthusiast who made her official spanking video debut with Shadow Lane in Spring of 2014, co-starring with gorgeous glamazon Snow Mercy in The Petite Protégée (SLV-191), another entry in our popular and long running Our Sorority, girl spanks girl series. Pound for shapely little pound, Violet has an impressive pain tolerance and the saucy but lovable personality to put that over in classic girl brat style. She plays Pledge Penelope, an irreverent college freshman who finds it inconvenient to obey the stringent rules of the venerable Lambda Sigma Zeta sorority, the most sought after sorority on campus. Of course, senior sister Josette (leggy brunette Snow Mercy) is having none of this disrespect from the junior sister and brings a rosy blush to Violet's pert, well rounded bottom with a good, hard, over the knee spanking, both with hand and hairbrush. In the course of this scenario, the beautiful and perfectly proportioned Violet is strapped, paddled and spanked fully nude, with an intervening panty, corset and hose interlude that fans of retro lingerie (and stunning small sized natural breasts) will appreciate. Violet is also further embarrassed by being made to strip and then don a traditional housemaid's uniform that she is informed that she will have to wear as she performs her daily chores around the sorority house. Snow Mercy speaks with authority and relish of all the spankings and other forms of corporal punishment that she and the other senior sisters will administer to the naughty pledge if she fails to fulfill her duties to the letter. Violet starts out laughing and daring her superior to try and control her, but with the help of the hefty Lambda Sigma Zeta paddle, Snow brings her petite charge to a becoming state of docility and sincere contrition at the conclusion of this delightful punishment drama. A spanking star is born! For Violet October combines freshness, sexiness and charm in just the right amounts to capture the hearts of spanking fans, who can always tell when a model is really into it.


Country of Origin:United States
Eye Color:Green

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