Harley Havik @ shadowlane.com

About Harley Havik

Biography:Harley Havik, a tall, leggy switch, with waist length straight blonde hair, natural beauty and a really great pain tolerance, is a true spanking person, who came out in the scene the minute she was legal, at age 18, and has never stopped playing since. Harley loves roleplay and has admitted to melting when psychologically "overpowered" by the right top. But she also enjoys taking control and making others obey her will. She has been working as a switch at one of L.A. most respected spanking clubs, The Sanctuary, across from LAX, for over a year. She made her spanking video debut with Northern several years ago and has also shot with Real, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Sarah Gregory and now, Shadow Lane. In her private life, she admits to being polyamorous and heteroflexible; sensual and sensation-seeking. But make no mistake, this girl is a lady, to be approached in only the most respectful manner, regardless of the proposed play. Harley has a profile on Fetlife "Harley_Havik" and may be contracted directly on that free and discreet website. You can also call for an appointment with her at The Sanctuary as of this writing. But please be aware that ladies don't stay at such play clubs forever. Some only work for a year or so, therefore, if you're visiting L.A., sooner is better than later if you're planning on hooking up with this kind of superstar. Harley admits to having "a sadistic side" and to enjoy being worshipped, when in a dominant mood. When she's a spankee, she tends towards the prideful, stubborn and bratty personas. With her beauty, imagination and flexibility, she's pretty much the perfect switch.
Country of Origin:United States
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Blonde

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