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Biography:Gorgeous brunette Kailee enjoys going to extremes and also possess the companion personality trait of being into bdsm. This creamy-skinned screen siren has shot with the most demanding producers, yielding to hard discipline in her uniquely stubborn way and causing the whole spanking world to covet her proud bottom. Shadow Lane fans first met Kailee in the video Desperate Measures (SLV-115), which featured the shapely beauty subbing to: Clare Fonda (hilarious as the trailer-trashy spanking stepmom), River Wild, a beefy blond fellow playing her 20-something boyfriend and Danny Chrighton, as the strict dad who gives his disrespectful daughter a severe and emotionally intense strapping. In Authority Figure (SLV-127), Kailee co-starred with Cady Tyron in the story of two negligent au pair girls who are caught and spanked, then strapped side by side, face down on a bed, by their aggravated employer, good looking Lance Del Toro. Kailee next went over the knee of porn legend and lifelong spanking enthusiast Tom Byron in the best selling, Ashley Pratt Is A Brat (SLV-140), a teacher-spanks-student prep school scenario wherein the spoiled, arrogant Ashley Pratt, is not only given a sound spanking but also embarrassed with an anal plug as part of her punishment. Breaking new ground in her career, Kailee finally went all the way with her then-boyfriend in the Shadow Lane video Sex and Spanking with Kailee and Seth (SLV-149), with both slim, attractive players in their twenties and looking great. Seth gives Kailee a stinging spanking before possessing her completely. She
Country of Origin:United States
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black

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