Mistress Aleana @ shadowlane.com

About Mistress Aleana

Biography:A petite blonde bombshell, with a divine figure and game for days, Mistress Aleana is a gift from the fetish gods. A naturally dominant beauty, flexible of form, flawless of feature, slender yet voluptuous, soft spoken, yet bursting with feminine power, Aleana rules over her queendom of slaves and subbed out boys and girls, with pleasure and pride, clad in exquisite lingerie and fetish attire and perched on the highest possible heels and boots. In her Shadow Lane debut, she tops her long time boytoy, Bart Jackson in classic corporal punishment style, adding in a goodly amount of face and penis slapping and a dash of shoe worship. But there is so much more to this domme's repetoire. As she writes on fetlife: "I am an experienced Domina, Fur Lover and Fur Queen, fun, sexy, sadistic and wonderfully playful, university graduate, professional woman, and BDSM film producer. I am an exquisite woman; intense, careful and caring. You have no idea what you are up against. I have a fondness for fur. The luxury and exquisiteness of fur is so enticing, so seductive…. I am your Cruela and Venus all wrapped in fur. I absolutely love corporal punishment…whips, canes, floggers and my personal favorites, full body bull whipping and OTK spankings - to which my hands of steel administer the hardest of spankings. As much as I love using implements of leather, wood and electricity on my slaves, there is something so personal about my hand and the connection of our skin together. The power that I feel in the spanking is arousing often to the point of ecstasy."
Country of Origin:United States
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Blonde

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