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About Ms. Venus Divine

Biography:Ms Venus Divine is a Boston bred life style dominant whose serious demeanor, statuesque frame and natural assurance has made her a fan favorite at Shadow Lane. In these exclusive Shadow Lane photos, she is shown spanking beautiful British redhead Sophie Nova. Venus and Sophie co-stars in the Shadow Lane video She Spanked Her Niece (SLV-175). Venus enthusiastically punishes a bad boy in the video Sylvia and The Panty Bandit (SLV-187). Venus plays a court appointed disciplinarian who metes out 24 harsh strokes of the cane to misdemeanor offender Sophia Locke in Judicial Caning, a segment in the Shadow Lane video Spanking 301, A Punishment Poupourri (SLV-183). Venus Divine may be relied upon to deliver a sharp, succinct scolding, a vigorous spanking and a severe paddling whenever there is a naughty culprit in need of correction. Whether working with leather, wood or just her own firm hand, Venus is comfortable taking control of and dispensing rough justice to offenders of either sex. 
Country of Origin:United States
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Piercings:silver ball lip piercing
Tattoos:circlet on upper arm

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