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About Nikki Rouge

Biography:Madcap redhead Nikki Rouge is a stylish, skinny bitch, retro girl who has been into spanking all her life and lives the lifestyle to the hilt. Nikki has a delightfully comic personality, a graceful, dancer’s body and an excellent pain tolerance. She first appeared for Shadow Lane opposite Steve Fuller in Bare Assets (SLV-153), where she played a spendthrift heiress who just can’t get around the strict executor of her estate and is punished for her profligacy with a sound, bare bottom spanking. Stunning Nikki posed with Steve for the back cover of Shadow Lane’s Art of Spanking magazine during this shoot. The leggy beauty switched it up in her next Shadow Lane video, Lipstick Lesbian Spank (SLV-162), where she played Snow Mercy’s girlfriend, and the two spanked each other for the usual girly reasons. Lipstick Lesbian is code for girl-on-girl erotic that is designed for guys and bi-girls to enjoy, and usually involves ladies who are ultra feminine in appearance. But that doesn’t preclude these girls being bossy, powerful, sexually aggressive and happy to administer hard corporal punishment to each other’s perfect bottoms. Nikki was next featured in Our Sorority Hell Week (SLV-170), participating in classic Lambda Sigma Zeta spanking hazing rituals with Snow Mercy, Mary Jane and Sophia Locke. Nikki returned to the Shadow Lane studios to film Spank or Be Spanked (SLV-179) another female-on-female smack down, where the lithe lady is both spanked and caned by Snow Mercy. Nikki gets her own back on Snow in the opening act of Spanking 301, A Punishment Potpourri (SLV-183) when she demonstrates the science of spanking and caning someone who is bigger than oneself, using the Amazonian Snow Mercy as the sample spankee. Playful, imaginative and spritely Nikki Rouge brings a full measure of wholesome perversity to every set she graces. Those adventurers lucky enough to be passing through L.A. may see Nikki Rouge by appointment, to spank or be spanked by her, at The Dominion, that fair city’s oldest and most respected bdsm club.
Country of Origin:United States
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Red

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