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About Samantha Woodley

Biography:Arguably the most beautiful model ever to visit the Shadow Lane studios, Samantha has been one of the princesses of the spanking scene since her debut in 2003 at age 19 in the Shadow Lane video I Married A Brat (SLV-095). Co-starring Gino Coletti, Samantha plays a spoiled bride who is bare bottom spanked in three scenes by her handsome bridegroom. Next, Samantha co-starred with Paris Kennedy in The Mischief Makers (SLV-096), wherein both beauties are classically disciplined over the knee by Steve Fuller. This video concludes with an enthusiastic pillow fight that filled the studio with a snow storm of feathers while both girls got spanked in babydolls. Next, Samantha subbed to the pre-eminent cartoonist of the spanking scene, Brian Taris, in The Art of Spanking (SLV-097), wherein the good-looking Taris both spanks and straps the beautiful Samantha

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