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About Snow Mercy

Biography:Snow Mercy is a statuesque brunette switch who both gives and takes a great spanking. This experienced spanking mistress gives workshops in bdsm at The Stockroom, dispenses discipline at L.A.’s longest running dungeon, The Dominion and of course, has been featured as the star performer in numerous corporal punishment and bondage videos. Nearly six feet tall and possessed of the most gracefully voluptuous natural proportions, Snow corsets beautifully and can rock a pair of 5” inch while swinging a cane as few others can. While naturally masterful over both males and females, Snow doesn’t hesitate to show her softer side as a spanking submissive whenever called upon to fulfill that popular role. A true switch, Snow is convincingly dominant when she tops and endearing vulnerable when she bottoms. Snow both spanks and is spanked in the Shadow Lane video Our Sorority Hell Week (SLV-170); she is spanked by and then vigorously spanks legendary porn star and spanking enthusiast Tom Byron in Spanking Turnaround (SLV-146); spanks both Koko Kitten and Nikki Rouge in Spank or Be Spanked (SLV-179) and serves at the model for a spanking and caning tutorial conducted by Nikki Rouge in Spanking 301, A Punishment Potpourri (SLV-183).
Country of Origin:United States
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown

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