Ten Amorette @ shadowlane.com

About Ten Amorette

Biography:Self-described as a “lover, burner, empath, activist, model, kinkster and pansexual switch who lives the lifestyle when I can” beautiful Ten Amorette has been working in the fetish industry for the last several years, performing in spanking, bondage, damsel in distress and even hardcore bdsm. She also hosts a cool, traveling spanking party called 50 Freaks that you can find out about if you follow her. Ten Amorette stars in the best selling Shadow Lane video Strictly Spanked and Purged (SLV-180), where she plays a method actress who must experience the emotions of a character she is about to portray firsthand, so Ten goes to a discipline therapist (Ralph Marvel) to help her reach that catharsis. In this explicit drama, Ten is given a hard spanking and a salutory enema, to help her channel the identity of the submissive religious novice she has been cast to play. It’s not like the shapely, long-haired brunette really wants a severe spanking and embarrassing enema, she’s doing it for her art. Ten Amorette is a cute and adorable girl whose true love of spanking guarantees a commitment to realism that often has her squealing, squeaking, squirming, wriggling and kicking in protest as smart smacks rain down upon her perfect, ample seat. Follow Ten Amorette on twitter and fetlife. She’s so real it hurts.
Country of Origin:United States
Eye Color:Hazel
Hair Color:Brown
Height:5' 4"

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