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About Virginia Lewis

Biography:Brunette gamine Virginia Lewis shot her first Shadow Lane video when she was in her early 20's, back in the middle 1990's. She had come to L.A. from Chicago, with her best friend, Georgia Gold, both of whom became best-selling spanking starlets within months of their debut videos being released. Of medium height, slender and beautifully proportioned, Virginia had the innocent blue eyes of a Catholic school girl and the rippling long brown hair of a pre-Raphaelite nymph. Cute and spunky Virginia's first film for us was Poor Little Rich Girls (SLV-135), in which she was soundly spanked on her small, gorgeous bottom by strict Ralph Marvel. Next, Virginia co-starred with Linette Case in Bad Girls Get Spanked (SLV-038). Virginia and Linette play groupies who get spanked by the punk stars they have been stalking, porn legend and well known spanking enthusiast Tom Byron and Vinnie Spit, founder of Pacific Force spanking videos and a real life punk band leader. This title was one of our best sellers in the analog era because of its great chemistry all around and dynamic action within. Also, these two beauties get fully nude for their strappings. Next, Virginia was featured as one of the spanked foster-daughters dominant goddess Alexis Payne in another top selling title Mommy Severest (SLV-040), co-starring English Rose Agnes Grey. Virginia's next video for us was Girl Spanks Girl (SLV-044), in which the petite imp is soundly spanked by Amazonian disciplinarian The Contessa. This title co-starred the incomparable Kristie Imboch as another hapless resident of the artists and writers summer camp The Contessa is running with an iron hand and ample lap for exposing smaller girls' bottoms across. Virginia's final submissive video for Shadow Lane was our B&D Primer (SLV-054), in which she co-starred with stunning blonde Amanda Morrison, as both went submissive to the velvet voiced Stephanie Locke. Virginia's dominant debut was in Sore Losers (SLV-085), and this has been the only digital era video she has shot with Shadow Lane so far. In this video Virginia shares topping duties with Chelsea Pfeiffer as the slim but powerful women bring a neglectful twenty-something man to justice over their skirted laps. Mark Fisher gets the licking of his life from Virginia and Chelsea in this action packed production that also includes an opening scene of Mark spanking exquisite Angie Sunshine. Full of beauty, charm, fun, though now a strict disciplinarian in her own right, Virginia Lewis will always be remembered as one of our most adorable spankees.
Country of Origin:United States
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Brown

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