Nikki Rouge, Violet October and Summer Hart from Nikki Rouge, Disciplinarian

About This Scene

In an unexpected turn around, Violet and Summer surprise Nikki as she returns home from a costume party in a strangely hilarious mood. The girls have been waiting and watching to get something on their strict mentor and now they have her dead to rights, having caught her getting out of a car belonging to someone other than her husband, in the world's shortest pleated skirt. Accusing Nikki of cheating on her husband and threatening to make this information available to him, Violet and Summer get Nikki Rouge to consent to be disciplined by them for a change! Before Nikki has a chance to even think, the girls have her face down over the spanking horse, with her miniscule skirt turned up and her panties pulled down, to expose her gorgeous bottom for spanking from them both! This delicious pay back scene will put a smile on your face as Nikki receives her just desserts from her very own charges, across her own curvaceous seat. Naturally, the gracefully statuesque Nikki is disciplined fully nude in the grand finale of this rollicking female spanks female tour de force.



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