Ms. Venus Divine, Violet October and Layla Savage from Yule Be Sorry

About This Scene

Now it's Elf Layla's turn to be spanked, while Violet is set a difficult task, in this case, to build a house of cards. Mrs. Santa takes the tall, slender, leggy brunette over her lap and begins to spank her hard. Layla is properly submissive, as every Santa's helper should be, but she can't help but squeal and squeak as Mrs. Santa's hand comes down on her shapely bottom again and again. As with Violet, the spanking begins over her skirt, continues on her panties and ends up on her bare backside, which goes from pink to rose to wine red, in the course of her punishment. Every time Violet makes a bit more progress on her house of cards, Mrs. Santa upsets the table and Violet has to begin again. Poor Layla gets the worst spanking of her life! Lovely Layla Savage makes her spanking debut with Shadow Lane in Yule Be Sorry.

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