Kailee from Sex & Spanking with Kailee & Seth

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Finally, to assert his ultimate control over his girl, Seth administers an additional, major, fully-nude spanking to Kailee, post orgasm.

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The Spanking Scene Should Have Had

The spanking scene should have had Kailee with legs spread with cum dripping out of her as she had just been fucked. But that might have been impossible as the guy could not get an erection it kept pointing to the ground not hard and standing erect the guy is pathetic the girl isgreat

- 2 years ago by craigsam
Kailee Is Gorgeous She Has Perfect

Kailee is gorgeous. She has perfect breasts (and a perfect body) in my eyes.

- 3 years ago by sargon01ak
Ugly Breasts Like Kailees Should

Ugly breasts like Kailee's should not be shown. Let's see more of the lovely breasts of Sarah Gregory and Jewell Marceau.

- 4 years ago by Elaine

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