Koko Kitten and Stephanie Locke from Stephanie's Whipping Girl

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They're supposed to session with a wealthy European client, but Koko shows up two hours late, missing the appointment completely! Stephanie would have been even more furious but the client, who is gone by the time Koko arrives, has thoughtfully left enough allowance for the punishment of the errant submissive to take place anyway. Stephanie makes Koko understand that she is going to be spanked and spanked hard for disappointing both their client and her mistress.  The tall, commanding Stephanie Locke pulls the petite, twenty-four year old Thai beauty over her skirted lap and begins Koko's hand spanking over the expensive, glove tight black leather dress the naughty brunette has on, but soon decides that garment is affording the bad girl far too much protection and makes Koko stand up so that the dress can be unzipped and summarily stripped off. Back over Ms Locke's strong thighs goes adorable Koko, to have her black lace panties warmed and then pulled down for a sound, bare bottom spanking. Taking the slender minx by her long, silky black hair, Stephanie makes Koko squirm and cry out by applying ever harder smacks to her cute, well rounded seat.  Great chemistry prevails between serious disciplinarian Stephanie Locke and the charmingly spankable (and for most of the scene, prettily topless) Koko Kitten in the opening act of Stephanie's Whipping Girl.

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