Koko Kitten and Stephanie Locke from Stephanie's Whipping Girl

About This Scene

Stephanie Locke continues the punishment of her tardy submissive by rope tying the diminutive nude Venus over a spanking bench, taking care to tie even her toes. Once Koko is firmly secured for further discipline, Stephanie teasingly torments her captive by tickling her dainty feet, tiny waist and vulnerable armpits. Nor are her perfectly proportioned breasts neglected, Stephanie pinches their erect nipples until Koko squeals. The whipping commences and includes not only Koko's exquisite bottom, but also her tantalizing lady parts. Back and bottom flogging, pussy whipping, nipple tweaking, tickling and classic rope bondage fill this beautiful woman tops girls scene with a variety of seductive corporal punishments. In complete control of her excitingly responsive underling, Stephanie submits Koko to both a long and short flogger, as well as shriek-provoking tickling, until the strict disciplinarian is satisfied that her mischievous assistant has learned that when your mistress is counting on you, you don't let her down.

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