Ten Amorette from Strictly Spanked and Purged

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A pretty method actress has landed a role in a historical movie where she will play a novice in a strict religious order, forced to undergo various forms of mortification of the flesh, including corporal punishment and purging. As Miss Amorette has never experienced these indignities, and barely understands what the phrases signify, she books time with Dr. Marvel at the Braemar Clinic, in order to scientifically research her role. The shapely brunette hands the therapist a list of punishments and ordeals her character will be subjected to in the convent, asking the doctor to recreate the discipline a naughty nun might routinely endure for the purification of her body and mind. Naturally, Dr. Marvel is happy to embrace the experiment and immediately demonstrates to Miss Amorette what a stinging, over the knee bare bottom spanking truly feels like. Completely unprepared for this much pain and humiliation, the surprised, but dedicated actress squeals in protests as the medico’s huge hand descends on her beautiful, bare, upturned bottom.

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